tile and grout cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Joy’s Cleaning Service offers tile and grout cleaning services to Bloomingdale, Chicago, and the surrounding areas. Our professional tile and grout cleaners have years of experience cleaning surfaces that are especially difficult to clean. If you have a shower, countertop, or floor that needs extra cleaning beyond the work of traditional household cleaners, then give the cleaning experts of Joy’s a call. Our maids understand tile and grout are tough to clean which is why we have a specific tile cleaning process and grout cleaning process. Having the tiles & grout cleaned of your kitchen and bathroom is very important due to the amount of moisture in these rooms making it easy for bacteria to grow. As a professional cleaning company, we always ensure 100% satisfaction for all our clients because we follow an itemized checklist.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners

When you hire Joy’s for all your tile and grout cleaning needs, we will ensure your tile is free of stubborn dirt, scum, and buildup. Having your tile & grout cleaned by a professional cleaning company will reduce the spread of germs and leave your surfaces like the original condition. In fact, many household cleaners do not eliminate the dirt that has gone deep into grout lines or settled on tile surfaces. Throughout our tile and grout cleaning process, we will reach places your traditional mop has not been able to reach. Additionally, the dirt buildup causes your tiles and countertops to look dull and discolored, because traditional cleaners cannot remove the scum. We use a special cleaning solution that is safe on many types of surface materials, such as granite, marble, or tile. After cleaning your tile & grout, our professional cleaners can seal the grout to eliminate future dirt buildup. Contact us today to get the tile & grout cleaning process started.