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Tile Cleaning

Joy’s Cleaning Service offers tile cleaning services to Bloomingdale, Chicago, and the surrounding areas.  Our professional tile cleaners have years of experience cleaning tile flooring, tile countertops, and tile showers. Cleaning tile is relatively simple, but can be difficult if grout is not buffed off or if the tiles have chipped or cracked.  In some cases, regular mopping and traditional household cleaners do not eliminate the dirt on your tiles. In fact, we have a specific solution to keep your tiles clean and increase the longevity of your tile floors. This tile cleaning solution works to deep clean your tiles, while eliminating dirt and bacteria.

Tile Cleaning Benefits

  • Tile Bacteria and Dirt Removed
  • Increases Longevity of Tile Flooring
  • Tile Discoloring and Fading Removed

Tile Sealer

Our professional tile cleaning experts recommend having a professional tile cleaning service clean your tile flooring and grout at least once a year. This solution will remove discoloring or fading of your tiles while bringing them like their original condition. When you hire the professional cleaners at Joys we put a sealer on your tile flooring and countertops to ensure moisture does not create bacteria and mold. This sealer leaves your tile looking new, but does no make it slippery. Additionally, the tile sealer will increase the longevity of your tile flooring, countertops, or showers. Leave the scrubbing of your tile floors to our thorough tile cleaning process. Contact us today to schedule a tile cleaning service.