floor scrubbing and polishing

Floor Scrubbing and Polishing

Joy’s Cleaning Services provides floor scrubbing to Bloomingdale, Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our professional floor waxing specialists have years of experience scrubbing and polishing wood, vinyl, and linoleum floors. We offer floor scrubbing services to both homes and commercial buildings. The cleaners at Joy’s, recommends having your floors professionally scrubbed every six months to ensure your flooring stays in good condition and free of contaminants.

When you call us for a floor scrubbing or floor polish service, we will ensure the proper cleaning solutions are used on your flooring type. When we provide our floor scrubbing service, we remove all furniture and objects from the floor being polished. To be extra cautious, we tape the edges of your trim and carpet to ensure no polish or cleaning solution damages these areas.

If you have never had your floors professionally scrubbed or polished, we will help you choose the correct finish that correlates with your floor type. However, if you have had floor polishing or floor scrubbing completed, then our cleaning crew will remove the past polish first. Removing the old polish will before applying the new polish will provide your floors with a shinier, newer look. Once our cleaners have completed your floor scrubbing service, we will provide you with a maintenance plan to ensure the floor polish lasts to its fullest potential. Whether your home floors need to be scrubbed or your facility floors need to be polished, we have the skills necessary to complete any floor scrubbing project. Contact us today to get the floor scrubbing and polishing process started.